Carolina: Best place to teach, learn and discover

Last fall, Trustees John Ellison and J.J. Raynor launched a campus-wide conversation about how to make “Carolina:  The Best Place to Teach, Learn and Discover” at the request of Board of Trustees Chair Roger Perry and Chancellor Holden Thorp. 

Suggestions and ideas gleaned from campus forums, group meetings and individual conversations with students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni are reflected in the final report, presented to the University’s Board of Trustees on March 26, 2009. The trustees responded enthusiastically. Members of the Carolina community are invited to read the report and share any additional thoughts via .

The report’s findings focus on how to improve upon the quality of education at Carolina. The campus community has helped Trustees Ellison and Raynor consider critical questions about how to recruit the best undergraduate and graduate students, attract and retain faculty, and improve the overall educational experience at Carolina. The report will help inform future deliberations about the University’s Academic Plan and fundraising priorities.

Read the final ‘Carolina: Best Place to teach, learn and discover’ report presented to the Board of Trustees.